suggestion for PSX and SECP

I WANT to give my suggestion both authority PAKISTAN STOCK EXCHANGE and SECP regarding dividend warrant bank should mandatory follow the format in recording the credit dividend warrant which helps share holders to cross check whether dividend reach to his bank mandate account without any hesitation.

1. Dividend No
2. Company Name
3. Period
4. Dividend %
5. Dividend warrant no
For example I quote HHH BANK made entry for dividend received in his client accounts
D 5, XYZ, Jun 2017, 14%, 1234567
Normally all commercial bank put check No. and bank name when recording the proceed entry.

If SBP or SECP instruct all commercial bank wef 01-11-2017 put all relevant details only for dividend warrant which helpful for share holders and FBR to cross check dividend income, plus no fear of miss any dividend warrant otherwise check from own record whether share holder received dividend warrant or still pending.

Now it moral duty and responsibility of SECP, Pakistan stock exchange and SBP if my comments have any worth than enforce my suggestion and glad if form me accordingly without any delay.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

(Ashfaq Sharif)