Shaking hands with a non-Mahram (female or male )

In our TV media, local Urdu play it become popular and removing the hesitation to shake hands with Non-Mahram females or males to proof that we are not behind with India or WEST or USA culture. Our media and public always copy with Indian or WEST doing? In WEST or India they are mostly from Non-Believers than why you remain Muslims?

According to Muslimís believes if any one male and female shaking hand with women is totally prohibited within the social and family relations when there is trust and no fear of temptation? If any one have still doubt than must consult any religious scholar and knew what is the fatwa in Islam regarding shaking hands with Non Ė Mahram.

But my questions those who promote or doing such great sin and consider themselves they are modern perhaps advance booking themselves to burn in HELL for this sin.
If anyone shake hands with other girls than he should not feel proud of but feel guilty or shame for facing angry God at judgment day that time no excuse or mercy will be accepted.

I specially address to Muslimís elite class who do not hesitate first to shake hands with Non-Mahram ( female ) and some ugly or foolish go to the such extend to give kissed to proof we are very frank each other and no bad intention between us?

But Islamic teaching completely oppose and condemn Mix gathering ( male and female ) where more opportunity to have see Non-Mahram female even from your own family or others side more interesting to show their entire body and including figures without any shy and when some offer to shake hands than these mad girls or womenís do shaking hands even do not knew what price they have to pay from God punishment, where no excuse will be make.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )