Most IMPORTANT thing to perform CELL phone uses

I want to drawn attention towards all people who live in city of Karachi Pakistan why the uses of CELL phone is most important now a days.
I remembered those days when only limited got PTCL land line connection that time no concept to carry PTCL land line with you and that time CELL phone has not be introduce.

When I saw people look very busy in replying sms or attending calls from CELL while walking, riding bike or driving car which become a fashion of todays world but it is very hazards practice which should be not encourage.

If you do not uses cell phone while you walking or driving car or riding bike than you lost your customer or GIRL friends, what is the real secret behind it.

I must say now a days without the uses of cell phone one social life incomplete? Which is very crazy and amazing.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

(Ashfaq Sharif)