GARBAGE CENTRE of Nishter Park Karachi

I WANT to drawn the attention of Governor of Sind, KMC, Solid Waste Management what reason do not taking necessary steps to lift the garbage from the city, Karachi is remember CITY OF LIGHT now convert red into Garbage Centre for this unique change who responsible.

I would like to divert your kind attention towards the garbage centre situated at NISHTER PARK near Bohri Jamat Khana. Since a long time there was no proper arrangement to lift the garbage by your deputed sweeper but they feel much happy to un lift the entire garbage or clean the place.

Because of this the tenants and the resident of the particular area of SOLIDER BAZAR Karachi facing huge problems, Since last 4 days garbage burning at Nishter Park in going on and whose wish or instruction the burning of garbage starts instead of lifting the garbage, does your official sweeper do not get monthly salary to perform the job of cleaning from its department.

Due to garbage do not lift on daily or alternative basis from garbage centre of Nishter Park which gives BAD smell of garbage irrespective solid waste boxes not place particular in this area.

I convey message on behalf of our area people and humble request request to first lift the garbage properly and put solid waste boxes at the place of Nishter Park garbage centre and instructed your sweeper do not burn the garbage but lift in real sense to reduce the problems of surrounding residence of Nishter Park Soldier Bazar.

Why not concern department make the surprise visit to check how your official sweeper cleaning the area and lifting the garbage from Nishter Park perhaps this is not difficult job to perform to keep LION eye on your employee and take action against those black sheep sweeper who wish to get salary without performing job honestly?

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

(Ashfaq Sharif)