Why RICKCHAW fare is most expensive
I want to drawn attention towards Governor of Sind, Chief Minister and IG of Sind police what reason RICKCHAW usually charged more than double fare as they got born right to over charge from customers in this regard Government authority helpless or careless to control this practice and force RICKCHAW riders to install meter and asked to charged according to exact fare.

Government should start campaign all those RICKCHAW rider those who wish to charge over charge from passenger and playing when passenger is needy, when Govt will start a campaign so the passenger will get public transport RICKCHAW at lower rate.

Rickchaw riders always giving excuse for over charging

1. Due to traffic jammed
2. CNG is closed
3. I am using petrol

Why not Government suggest a uniform fixed price per KM for rickchaw and instruct them do not over charge otherwise ready to face fine upto Rs.10,000 when a customer lodge complain for over charging.

Besides over charging RICKCHAW fare other issue which should be not ignored

1. Careless & speedy driving
2. Showing extra hurry when traffic jammed
3. Feel insult to follow traffic rules
4. Enter in wrong side or single entry road
5. Always park rickchaw wrong side which blocking the road & effect the traffic flow

This issue IG Traffic police should not ignored their way of driving rickchaw very dangerous for other specially bike riders but our police do not taking any action or notice for this particular issue.

I have no idea when Government authority will awake and take notice and control all issue with organize way. I must say in which law Karachi traffic flow move, it looks no law exist but other hand traffic police remain eager how to do more and more challan, the head of traffic police satisfied with the performance of numbers of challan did no matter using mis uses power or control the traffic flow in the city.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

(Ashfaq Sharif)