Why MEAT ONE ( ASC ) share price continues down
I want to drawn attention of higher management of SECP, PSX what secret behind pre-bidding started and got encouragement due to this process share being subscribe through IPO more than double value to investors, this why innocent investors trapped and suffered heavy loss. Best example of ASC ( MEAT ONE) RPL ( ROSHAN PACKAGES). Earlier I knew when IPO coming like KAPCO, PPL, APL, NETSOL & SPL that time no concept of pre-bidding process which crush and wash out dream of small investors.

I strongly condemn and objection against pre bidding process of IPO as MEAT ONE ( ASC ) share strike price was Rs. 98 but after giving twice bonus first 35% and later 15% when we seeing the market price of this share under Rs.30 in PSX. About RPL strike price was Rs.86 but the prices is Rs.40 After giving 10% bonus and cash dividend.

I am in stocks business since 2010 ASC & RPL are of the most manipulated and speculated scrip in PSX

what reason A S C ( MEAT ONE ) price CONTINUES down and reach Rs.26 ( today ) Nov 23, 17 ANY Hope when it cross above Rs. 70 ( sorry IPO came for Rs.98 ) DOES SECP or PSX have no information or knowledge this share is subscribed to general public through VIA I P O MANIPULATED thus who got maximum benefits please share.

I suggest AND request both PSX & SECP to eliminate the process of PRE BIDDING any share coming after Nov 2017 to protect the interest of small investor and proof PSX & SECP whom protecting small investors or company itself ( when wish to issued share on higher price without its worth )

I also request to FPCCI, SITE & KCCI trade bodies and association to give their opinion and if they understand pre-bidding is good process than why MEAT ONE ( ASC ) share current prices Under Rs.30 when it will improved and crossed above Rs.75 so the small investor recover their invested money with some profits.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

(Ashfaq Sharif)