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Thread: Mobile snatcher cruel act

  1. Mobile snatcher cruel act

    Mobile snatcher cruel act

    I want to drawn the attention of IG police, GOVERNOR OF SIND when you people will awake and take immediate action against those people involve in MOBILE SNATCH & STREET crimes in city of Karachi, Yesterday in our area of SOLDIER BAZAR a young lady of young age lost her life. This type of second incident in our area with in 15 to 20 days time?

    When mobile snatcher asked LADY to give her cell phone to them SUDDENLY his cell fall down she sit down to pick the cell but the snatcher immediate fire the bullet and she died, Thus mobile snatch is hobby or part time business for jobless criminals who will take immediate notice and arrest the real killer. This is one of the coward act which every people must condemn and regret too.

    I must ask question form your police dept they very often perform duty only to catch innocent for harsh treatment but never courage or dare to arrest the real or wanted culprit involved in mobile snatcher or street crimes, yet how many caught and get example punishment ?

    Does mobile snatcher got NOC from which dept after that they got license or working tension free for snatching mobile, who provide them weapons? Are these weapons got licence to use or ill legal. What will be end of their life never realized same way they also become killed another powerful criminal or FAKE encounter ( TIT FOR TAT ) what you did will faced in this world.

    I pray to God those who killed the innocent lady only want to snatch her mobile send him where he deserve without wasting any precious time. Twist his neck and cruse him for this cruel act and place him in HELL VIP place InshaÂ’Allah very soon and remain forever to face angry GOD punishment THAT time re-called all your influence or power to save you from this punishment.

    Thanking You

    Yours faithfully

    (Ashfaq Sharif)

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