Corruption & corrupt people ONLY one treatment
If Pakistan want to eliminate corruption Plus its corrupt people from root level than enforce only ONE treatment if corruption is proof and got evidence against him immediate basis give him example punishment ( which is HANG or remain behind the bar ) if Pakistan want to eliminate corruption from country and want to progress the country. Plus forfeited the wealth and property who involve in corruption.

Why not copy or adopt the law and rules enforce in CHINA where if anyone found in corruption if evidence and proof goes against him immediate basis he should be hang no mercy or sympathy with him.

In our corrupt society every people who got power in GOVT DEPT engage in corruption no matter what is the scale of his corruption but thinking doing corruption is born right and no one dare to stop or question him for this devil act.

Pakistan got bless with automatic country - minerals – mountain – gas – oil – sea – river – agriculture land – deserts – salt reserve but due to lack of sincere and honest leaders do not make remarkable progress the root cause of its backwardness due to corruption from everywhere in the country.

Why you doing corruption and miss using your power only to collect maximum wealth and property but at GOD place only good deeds works and if you have plenty of wealth earned by ill legal sources than you will answerable to God and plus face example punishment for earning this too. Besides this if you do good deed by this BLACK MONEY such as perform Hajj – Ummar – giving charity or zakat, helping needy people or donate for noble cause which is not acceptable at God place when you using this black money for any good deeds.

Only due to corruption those who are talented and capable canÂ’t achieve to get better position in Multinational and Govt offices that reason those who are un capable got these position due to influence or giving handsome amount for acquiring the job which is not a good practice in our society. In our country there is no shortage of talent but due to wrong practice adopt they crush talented people to come ahead and proof their ability so the organization grow faster and rapidly.

I must say if anyone want to remembered for long period before you die please do some welfare works for own people such as build hospital/community centre – school – orphans home – support needy and lesser income to get marry their children’s – helping needy family in supporting their kids’ education etc. BUT only perform with the money you earned by HALAL source which is acceptable and give reward to you from GOD Insha’Allah.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

(Ashfaq Sharif)