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Thread: Work as your SECRETARY

  1. Work as your SECRETARY

    Work as your SECRETARY

    I got SOUND experience & capable to handle all SORT of correspondence on your behalf only to get rid of problems at earliest. On return I charge on MONTHLY basis.

    1. Non receipt of dividend warrant/bonus shares, re-validate of dividend OR ANY allied matters which you canít look follow up or chase with the concern company or registrar.

    2. Problems facing with PTCL / SSGC matter likes EXCESS BILLING, PHONE DEAD OR LOW Gas pressure etc.

    3. Un authorize deduction by banks in which you have objection/complain but bank do not heed your complain, Non receipt of ATM card, Canít drawn money from ATM but amount DEDUCTED common ISSUES.

    4. Handling correspondence for those who engaged in Import / Export

    5. Experience to do marketing of your product via email locally / internationally for introduction or search of any products. I want to work for those organization who offer GOOD package and Assurance of prompt service.

    Cell : 0333-2131984 Email :

    ∑ Please forward my relevant information if you do not need my services among
    Those who are in need or searching for same services offered for KARACHI

  2. Re: Work as your SECRETARY

    thanks for sharing this but better apply for posts not post your ad here i dont think so you got job through this


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