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  1. Govt new year Gift

    Govt new year GiftI want to share that GOVT again send new year gift to entire citizen of Pakistan in the shape of Petrol Prices Rise which The OGRA recommended an increase of Rs 4.06 per litre in the price of petrol, Rs 5.83 per liter high speed diesel,Rs13.58 per litre in the price of superior kerosene oil and Rs12.49 per litre in the price of light diesel oil enforce wef Jan 1, 2018 which is more than ATOM BOMB. This increase business community widely condemn and reject and asked Govt to return back this in justice rise which leads to inflation and more jobless in the country. What development or social project Govt of sind done for it citizen expect learn how to get taxes on return no benefits to the people who paying the taxes. If Govt saying still petrol prices are lesser than India, Turkey than why not compare what other benefits Govt have given to their citizen does all facility available in Pakistan? I must say trade bodies and association like FPCCI AND KCCI must condemn and put pressure to reduce the prices of petrol if they sincere to control the inflation and give relief to lower income group? Those who already facing problem to save or survive their business in this circumtances ( rise in petrol ) their business to run become more and more difficult which lead they should shut down or reduce the staff why not Govt of Pakistan not thinking for the benefit of own citizen. Thanking You Yours faithfully (Ashfaq Sharif)

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