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  1. work as Investment consultant

    Non-receipt of dividend/Bonus Shares/Re-validate dividend warrant
    I offer my professional service to receive the SHARE HOLDERíS dividend warrant which is still pending or not received by any SHARE HOLDER. I charged fee 10% to 15% of dividend amount. Also offered to re-validate your DIVIDEND warrant CHEQUE. Assured to get dividend at earliest if you have no spare time to chase or follow up pending dividend warrants.

    seeking sincere investor for any future coming I P O
    I searching sincere & honest INVESTOR who interested to invest for any future coming IPO as last IPO of ď LOADS LTDĒ came in September 2016 ( offer dated Sep 28-29, 2016 ) offer per share Rs.34 and Present value is Rs.43 ( Dtd Aug 10, 2017), it reach to maximum level of Rs.67 during Nov 2016.

    Due to lack of capital I canít perform that reason seeking support from SINCERE investor those who canít apply IPO due to lack of any reason ( having not experience, no spare time & their company canít allowed ) than avail my services.

    Email :
    Cell : 0333-2131984
    I need support if you can assist me

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    nice sharing thanks for your posts lovely one


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