LAHORE: JUI-F leader Maulana Fazl-ur-Rahman Saturday said if the government was given another 6 months it would plunder whatever Pakistan was left with, Geo News reported

Talking to media here, he said that bringing the country back on the right track was indispensable.

Going forward, Fazal said that he was in favour of early elections, but in the same breath he added that even this would not be able to budge the status quo of corruption and misappropriation ruling the country.

Unfortunately, as long as the “vested interest” were at the helms of affairs there was no hope for Pakistan, said Maulana Fazl.

He said, though, corruption was a reality, but they wouldn’t go so far as handcuffing the prime minister.

Establishment was imperative but Parliament was supreme, Fazl added.
On US-Taliban negotiations, he said that Americans have bypassed Pakistan by trapping its intelligence.