Muhammad Atif: A decade after 9/11 many Americans still continue to fear their Muslim neighbors. Deborah Wise, a 9/11 survivor says though all Muslims are not a part of it, but there is an Islamist movement working that has a radical agenda and wants to merge the mosque and state. Justin Vaisse, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution says that American Muslims feel the need to reach out to American society and though their effort is not sufficient but at least the process has started. An author and Muslim community leader Souheil Ghannouchi says that the US Muslims are faced with internal and external issues. He says some think that if they are integrated into the American society they will lose their religion. Muslims today feel the need to reach out to their fellow American citizens but they are not sure that they will be accepted. Peter Skerry, A Professor of Political Science at Boston College says some American Muslims do not fully see themselves as citizens of America. They understand their rights and that is only the beginning of Muslims in America.