i just heard it from my KE friends and sharing the same .

THE PIC MYSTERY UNLEASHED,the cause of deaths @ PIC is medicine"Atorvastatin" 20mg,donated by WHO to PIC.It was prescribed to patients a month ago.Those who were to take a dose of 20mg were wrongly prescribed 80mg in loose packing instead of blister/strip.The PIC procurement list of medicines 2011-12,in serial # 153 only mentions 20mg Atorvastatin & 20mg is purchased & prescribed since years.The recommended daily dose is 20mg & may be increased to max 40mg/day.The safety of 80mg is not yet established.The irony lies in the fact that WHO donated Atorvastatin 80mg,the expiry date of which was Feb 2012.The record of PIC shows that it was prescribed to 40 thousand patients, including those who died & may have had DENGUE earlier.Since Atorvastatin causes blood thining so can be one reason of uncontrolled bleeding in patients of PIC.