A hero ridiculed by her own countrymen

“One book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world.”

These are the words of a brave, courageous, strong and charismatic young lady named Malala Yousafzai who is the youngest Nobel Prize winner and the pride of Pakistan. Malala, a 19-year-old girl, has inspired the world with her ideology and struggle for education. As a well-known personality, everyone knows what she faced even at a very young age. As a child, she raised her voice against Taliban’s cruelty and for the right to education. Because of this courage, she was shot in the face by Taliban and went through much pain but she survived and never left her mission. Her courage and consistency forced the world to notice her voice and give way to her mission. But unfortunately, even after such efforts, she has become the target of condemnation by her own people and she is continuously receiving negative and intense criticism from her own homeland.

This debate of Malala being our hero or a culprit is not new. It has been going on since she was acknowledged by the world because of her ideology. The whole world is praising her for her compassion and bravery but we, her own people, her country mates, are consistently trying to discourage her and try to prove her as the part of Western or Jewish Agenda or as not eligible for having the Noble Prize. The haters do not understand that it is Allah’s will to give respect to whomever He wants to. She is blessed with a kind heart, an intelligent mind and a brave personality and she is trying to utilize her abilities for people’s betterment either her fellow citizens or for the people of other parts of this world.

She deserves respect and love of her fellow citizens so that the world can know that Pakistani nation respects its heroes

Many people say that she was not hit by bullets of Taliban and that was all a scripted pre-plan event for getting the world’s attention and sympathy which is totally illogical. When she was shot, she was treated by a lot of different teams of doctors not only from Pakistan but also from England and eventually escorted there. She got attention of a huge amount of print and electronic media from all over the world. How can it be possible that such a big issue could be a drama on the world’s stage? This has all been proven wrong a long time ago but some people still want to be blind and not accept the facts. Then they also raise the issue that as a child how she could be so sensible that she maintained such a presence on international forums through her diaries. As mentioned earlier, she has been an intelligent and sensitive girl since her childhood who felt things with much sensitivity. Moreover, these people do not know her father. He was a well-reputed teacher and an ideological person of his area. He has much love and respect for his country, Pakistan. He is a patriotic person who always thinks and feels for Pakistan with sincerity and compassion. He brought her up in a focused way with strong morals which gives a positive way to her sensitivity and intelligence. He helped his daughter to be an honest, wise, strong, just and fair-minded person. So her diaries and her initial thoughts are the reflection of her father’s efforts which he did to give this world a better person like Malala.

Even after being shot at the age of 12 and leaving her homeland, she did not lose hope and courage. She started her mission and struggle after recovering physically and mentally from that trauma. She once again raised her voice against the injustice and still continues her mission of education for every child. She again started writing about all her ideologies and let people know how a single voice can bring change in this world as she herself said, “When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.” She has always shown love for her country yet she has been accused of spreading negativity about her country and Pakistan army because of some of the misunderstood parts of her book, I Am Malala. This is not true either. Although she has tried to show the true face of some individuals in her book because of some of her personal bad experiences, she has never spoken against the institution of the Pakistani Army. She loves her army as much as any patriotic Pakistani does. She only questions the political character of army which cannot be justified in any way and a sensible person will always endorse this point of view of hers.

The most important thing which people need to understand that she did not become a hero after being shot by Taliban and her personality was not highlighted merely because of that incident; she was our hero way before that incident. She became a hero and role model when she raised her voice for the right of education against the Taliban. She represents girls’ empowerment and the courage of the people of Pakistan. When Swat became the land of terror and people were forced to leave it to save their lives, being a girl of just 10/11 years old, she ignored that fear and danger that she was facing at that time and focused on the struggle to get the right of education for her and her fellow girls. She was acknowledged by the world even at that time for spreading a positive and courageous message in the world. She has achieved the Nobel Prize because of that courage. She is invited to speak on different forums because of that strong voice which is spreading all over the world and now she has the Malala Fund which is working for the education of many people all over the world.

Last but not the least; she is the bright face of Pakistan. She is representing the positive image, bravery and courage of this nation who as a little girl even was not afraid of any kind of terrorism and raised her voice in the loudest manner. She deserves respect and love of her fellow citizens so that the world can know that Pakistani nation respects its heroes.