Hike in POL prices hurting middle class & causes for more un-employment, street crimes

I am much hurt, dis-appoint when got news that POL prices significantly raised as Petrol by Rs. 5.37 ( 6 % ), HSD by Rs. 4.64 ( 4.70%), High Octane by Rs.6.29 ( 6%) Kerosen Oil by Rs.2.78 ( 3%) and LDO by Rs.3.43 ( 4%)

Due to inflation middle class group specially hit and very difficult to survive for those who are WHITE COLAR. Due to inflation, Lack of law and order situation, power crisis, no benefit for business community which are they key causes of un-employments and increasing street crimes. This is the real test time for those who are running their business or industry never think for any fresh employment but OWNER always think how we can curtail our further staff so we can out from losses or enjoys BREAK EVEN.

But shame on all Ministers, MPA or MNA who are got every blessing of God but still remain hungry how to get more and more money first and then become popular among own people.

The rise in POL affects directly all prices will be up sharply and no price monitoring committee working in Pakistan to determine what amount prices should be increased but traders always how to charge the consumers maximum as they crushing own people but claim they are Muslims.

As I am belong to middle class group who always design to hit first or test patience, demand from Minister of Petroleum to withdrawn the rise in POL prices with immediate affects so common people do face more burden in the name of present POL price HIKE which is totally injustice.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )