after watching a series of talk shows with almost same topics and same guest i guess that now shows are losing their grip and people are not much interested into them. just for change i need to check that out of all the guests that you watched a lot. whom you prefer to invite again and who bored you mostly.

for example.

Imran Khan

Qamaruzam Kaira

Ahsan Iqbal

Fuzia Wahab

Nayyer Bukhari

Hameed Gull

Saleh Zafar

Hyder Rizwi

Bashir Bliur

Mushahid Hussain

Marvi Memon

Faisal Subzwari

Faisal Saleh hayat

Naheed Khan

Salman Taseer

Jawed Hashmi

Munawwar Hassan

Hussain Haqqani

Kashmala Tariq

correct me if i missed some body.