Director HR & Admin Hanif Pathan selling various posts in PIA.

It is reported PIA's HR & Administration chief M. Hanif Pathan is looting financially sick national airlines, PIA with both ends and reportedly selling different vacancies being occurred in PIA from time to time including PSO at the rate of Rs 5 lakhs each. Sources closed to civil aviation revealed Mr Pathan who is known as an inefficient officer and was side-lined by previous chairman Tariq Kermani as he (Mr Pathan) was rated adverse confidential report in 2005 like "Need Improvement" (the lowest rating) as such he was not eligible for promotion for next five years but present Managing Director, Captain Ejaz Haroon has illegally promoted him to the post of Director Administration backdated (since 1999) and also paid him arrears of Rs 41 lakhs.

Mr Pathan has also worked as General Manager, Flight Services where he sold vacancies of Airhostess at the rate of Rs 2.5 million. An inquiry was already ordered against him but he, later, got matter hushed up.

After, PPP coming into power, Hanif Pathan changed colour like chameleon and succeeded in assuring PPP Govt that he was pro-PPP & Sindhi whereas facts speak otherwise. After becoming Director Administration, PIA, Mr Pathan is openly selling different vacancies through his cousin R. A. Pathan who is employed in Flight Kitchen and also working his "Agent", A high-level impartial inquiry would reveal his financial irregularities, bungling & misappropriation.

Source: SindhWeek.Com