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Thread: Apple launches flurry of new gadgets and updates - Apple Event 2017

  1. Apple launches flurry of new gadgets and updates - Apple Event 2017

    San Jose, California: Apple kicked off its World Wide Developers Conference in San Jose on Monday with CEO Tim Cook promising a number of major announcements.
    Apple then delivered, at least in quantity. It offered updates to the watchOS, new iMacs and iPads, and new operating system for both (and presumably the next iPhone). It also a new gadget, a 7-inch tall, mesh-covered smart speaker called the HomePod.

    iOS 11

    One of the biggest launches on the day was Apple’s announcement of iOS 11, which included the obligatory “taking it to 11” comment from CEO Time Cook. IOS 11 launches “in the fall.”

    Craig Federighi, Apple's senior vice president of software engineering, introduced the new software, which drives the iPhone and iPad. The update will include a new Siri voice, which sounds more human, and Siri will now be able to translate English to Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

    Apps in iOS 11 will also get major updates. The Photo app will now include features that will include looping videos and a new photo format that replaces the JPEG. Apple claims the new format will have better compression, which means sharper images that take less storage space.
    IOS 11 will also include an update of Apple Music, featuring sharing options, so you can see what your friends are listening to.

    Phil Schiller, senior vice president of worldwide marketing, introduced a completely redesigned App Store, which gives more in-depth information on each app.

    Apple is also launching AFKit, which Apple is hoping will allow iPhone and iPads to become a major augmented reality platform. Augmented reality combines digital images with real world photography, similar to Pokemon GO.


    Apple’s latest gadget, called the HomePod, is set to launch in December.

    The HomePod isn’t likely to replace the iPhone is terms of popular gadgetry, but the 7-inch tall, mesh-covered smart speaker does have a mixed of upcoming technologies that gives some insight into what Apple plans for its digital assistant.

    Apple obviously intends the HomePod to be a launching point for Siri’s development. No longer content for Siri to just answer questions - which is smart, because Google and Amazon’s digital assistants have already moved past that point - Siri will now be a music curator, a message sender and hub for smart home controls, among other things. She will also be able to speak with a less robotics sounding voice.


    The smallest major announcement was the launch of the Amazon Prime video app to AppleTV. Amazon, which has developed television shows such as The Man in the High Castle, has been one of the Apple’s primary rivals in streaming media.


    The second major announcement was an update of WatchOS.

    Some of the updates are purely cosmetic, such as characters from Toy Story will now be available on Apple Watch, but many are functional,

    such as Siri now launching directly from the Watch Face, according to Kevin Lynch, Apple’s vice president of technology.

    Many of the updates are related to the Apple Watch’s role as an exercise device, a function Apple seemed to embrace last year. The new watch operating system will include refined workout apps, including HITS (high intensity) workouts and advanced swimming tracking, including specifics such as the length of your swim stroke.

    The Watch will also have two-way, real time data exchange with gym equipment. New watch-enabled gym equipment from major manufacturers, such as LifeFitness, will launch in the Fall.

    The new WatchOS will also have a re-designing music app.


    Apple is also its updating its line of Macs and iMacs, with most updates focusing on major increases in graphic performance, faster processors, and faster storage.

    Apple will also launch a new iMac Pro, an all-in-one computer that Apple promises will have all the power of a workstation. The price starts at $4,999.

    The company will be launching their new MacBooks and MacBook Pros immediately.


    Apple is also launching a 10.5-inch iPad Pro, which has a screen that is 20 per cent larger than the current 9.8-inch model. The new model is large enough for a full-size digital keyboard. It also boasts a 12-core graphics chip, which Apple promises will deliver 40 per cent faster graphics. Both sizes will now start with 64GB. Prices for the new iPads start at $649.

    The new IOS for iPads will also include new features including a Launch Dock to make it easier to move between apps, drag and drop features, and the new Files app, designed to make it easier to organize the files on you devices.


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