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Thread: Election Results 2018 Pakistan Polls & Party Position

  1. Election Results 2018 Pakistan Polls & Party Position

    The polls for election 2018 in Pakistan will be placed on 25th July 2018. There are 107 political parties participating in elections 2018. People of Pakistan are taking very keen interest in Siasat. Here you can see list of all political parties along with their symbols and candidates, which are participating in National Assembly ( NA ), and Provincial Assembly ( PA ) in these elections 2018 Pakistan.
    As per reports, top three parties in these elections 2018 will be PTI, PMLN and PPP. Here are will be able to view all the election results 2018 not only from your local provincial and national assembly constituency but also from national and provincial assembly constituencies of all provinces of Pakistan including Punjab, Sindh, KPK, Balochistan etc.

    Party Name National Assembly Punjab Sindh KPK Baluchistan
    PTI 110 124 65
    PMLN 55 126
    PPPP 37
    IND 20
    MQM 6
    MMA 8
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