I much dis-appoint and regret when I got news that Pakistani citizen faces more problems and difficulties for getting Indian visa for any special reasons.

I still remember when India Karachi consulate working than use to give more than 500 to 700 visa within one DAY. After closer of Indian Karachi Consulate office more than 10 years gone but no Government seem interested to re-open Indian Karachi Consulate which provides facility to visa seekers from SIND & BALUCHISTAN to seek visa.

Now visa seekers going to Islamabad for seeking Indian visa which itself painful and costly, no assurance that he will get visa after visiting Islamabad such no guarantee any Government or Foreign Office have provided.

My some suggestion how to simply the Indian visa policy for Pakistani

1. Indian Islamabad consulate should grant visa after receiving visa application maximum within 72 hours ( 3 days )
2. No restriction or limitation for availing visa for desire cities but every Pakistani visitor can visit any city of her wish and no problem or question asked regarding when travel to any city
3. Arrival or Departure reporting system to be eliminates which encourage corruption and totally wastage of time and money. Single time reporting to be done at airport and such information forward to all concern departments via email.
4. Visa should be valid for 90 days for travel.
5. Businessman can avail multiple visa ( valid for maximum 6 months ) and he can visit India not more than 3 times

This is the duty and responsibility of Foreign Office to make easier Indian visa policy and benefit citizen of Pakistan. I am very shocked that only reporting system apply to Pakistani other foreign citizen are exempted?

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )