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LAHORE: Senator Pervaiz Rasheed, the Punjab government' spokesman, has said that controlling the "tigers" is the old agenda of Pervaiz Musharraf which he could not accomplish despite all state power and dictatorial tactics. He asked Imran Khan to do whatever he likes to fulfill this incomplete agenda, adding that the people of Pakistan will again foil every effort and conspiracy like before.

In a statement on Monday, Senator Pervaiz Rasheed said that the match had been fixed long ago between the Muttahida Qaumi Movement and Tehreek-e-Insaf and the public meeting of December 25 in Karachi was also a fixed one. He said the warm meeting between the leadership of the MQM and Imran Khan last night in Karachi had totally exposed them as Imran assured the MQM in the meeting that he had controlled the "tigers." He said shaking hands with the MQM was another u-turn of Imran, adding that the people remembered that the PTI chief had been terming the MQM responsible for target killing, corpses in bags, no-go areas, torture cells and extortion in Karachi. He said Imran had also been fixing the responsibility of 50 deaths in the massacre of May 12 in Karachi and after that he had gone to London to file a suit against Altaf Hussain. Pervaiz Rasheed said the entire politics of Imran revolved around opportunism and unprincipled politics. He said the claimants of change had gathered around him the old guards of "status quo".