LONDON: A London-based news agency has claimed that Brig Ali Khan who faces court martial for his ties with a banned outfit was brainwashing other officers for mutiny, Geo News reported.

The foreign news agency further said that he has been charged with mutiny as well.

Brigadier Khan, who was arrested for his alleged links with the banned Hizb-ut-Tahrir, will be court-martialled, a media reports said.

Earlier, Pakistan Army decided to court-martial of Brig Ali Khan, whose arrest last year had sparked concerns about the presence of sympathizers for the extremist group in the Pakistani military.

Khan, who was serving as director for rules and regulations at the army's General Headquarters in Rawalpindi, was detained on May 6 last year. Khan was denied promotion in the past because of his extremist leanings.

The summary of evidence or formal charges against Khan had been finalised and his court martial is expected to begin soon, Geo News quoted its sources as saying.

The Pakistan Army had confirmed in June last year that it was questioning four majors in connection with the detention of Khan. The current status of the majors is unknown. Shortly after the covert US raid that killed Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad on May 2 last year, the Hizb-ut-Tehrir distributed pamphlets in military cantonments that called on army officers to establish an Islamic caliphate.

The extremist group has issued numerous appeals to soldiers to rise up against the military leadership and to work for severing Pakistan's ties to the US.