U.N. says Syria encouraged by Russia, China veto

I am surprise & shock UNO now awake and realizing that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad of launching an "indiscriminate attack" on civilians to end pro-democracy protests and said he had been emboldened by the failure of the Security Council to condemn him.

No doubt Syria is back and encouraged by Russia and China Veto when United States using Veto than no problem or pain to UNO? Why Arab League crying to topple the Bashar al-Asad Govt and force their wish Government that reasons they are raising voice along WEST and Jewish lobby but I am confident until Iran, Russia & China support with Syria you people make dream for victory and down fall of Basher al-Assad Govt.
UNO silence PAST year examples which is paining and hurting showing totally the double standard of UNO working.

1. UNO make habit to remain silence when Israel killing countless innocents people in Palestine and still busy in the crime with the support of United States that time those who are killed not human beings or always cries or raise voices where is the interest of United States

2. When minority of Shia in Saudi Arab and Brahia protesting and raising voice for their legal rights than Saudi Arabia using Army forces to crush the Shia Movement. That time UNO why silence and do not take notice of innocent killings, it is not enough because United States interest involved?

3. When Iraq attack Iran during 1980 and fought 8 years war with Iran but that time UNO why remain silence and do not raise any voice or sanction against Iraq for attacking Iran. But same Iraq when attack KUWAIT during 1990 than UNO and NATO forces attack Iraq, which is double standard of UNO and not hidden from any common?
EU suggest UN peace keeper in Syria till the crisis control but let see what going to happen in Syria? Hezbollah is a Shi'ite group backed by Syria and Iran that is on the U.S. blacklist of foreign terrorist organisations, then when Israel is consider a terrorist for killing many innocents due to backing of United States and Shameless Arab Countries silence?

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( Ashfaq Sharif )