* NAB directed to produce complete record of $60m alleged to be property of Zardari
* Criticises NAB prosecutor general for leaving case records in London

The Supreme Court directed the National Acoountability Bureau (NAB) on Wednesday to submit today (Thursday) a complete record of $60 million Swiss accounts, which are allegedly the property of President Asif Ali Zardari.

The court also directed the authorities to file today information on Swiss national claimants of the $60 million, the return of records related to the money and the total expenditures so far incurred on litigation to bring the money to Pakistan.

NAB Additional Prosecutor General Abdul Baseer Qureshi told the court that an application – filed with the Swiss government – for the return of the $60 million had been withdrawn by former attorney general Malik Qayyum. However, Qayyum claimed the application had not been withdrawn. When the court sought records of the Swiss case, Qureshi could not satisfy the court.

NAB Prosecutor General Danishwar Malik then told the court that he procured the case records and took them to the Pakistani embassy in London to be sent to the country in a diplomatic bag – a decision prompted by the “sensitivity” of the documents and “security concerns”.

Court criticises: The court criticised Danishwar, and summoned the NAB chairman, who said NAB withdrew the case on a directive by Qayyum. He said of the $60 million in question, $13 million were tied up in frozen accounts, while “some time” would be required to furnish details of the remaining sum. The court then directed the NAB to bring the record back from London.

Daily Times