Sponsorship of TERRORISM but who responsible, supporting & our LEA’s totally failed

I am much regret, dis-appoint and painful when got DEAD news of innocent Shia’s which was killed by professional terrorists group belong to banned organization SSP ( Sipha-e-Sahab) who are busy in this crimes even after the arrest of their killers no punishment awarded? Why sympathy and providing shelter and full protection even full evidence available but out Government still waiting or delay the punishment or hanged the killer.

Such type of practice totally killing the justice system and how long in-justice will continue with Shia-e-Ali, What reasons SSP ( Sipa – E – Sahab ) always remain hungry to kill Shia’s in order to reach Heaven or Hell?

In Islamic teaches all common followers and all sect of Muslims can’t deny that if any one die by suicide he did ill-legal (Harram Death). Our last prophet Mohd Mustafa (PUBH) QUOTE the basis definition of a common Muslims “from one hand and tongue other lives and property is saved”

Match the mad Talban or SSP followers in which path they are moving and what will be their end. The more interesting question who is financing or supporting this mad, I must say these people are worst than ANIMAL. God knows which Islam they follow and who is their ideal.

Perhaps SSP ( Sipha-e-Sahab ) dream for going heaven where 70 HURS awaiting to welcome when they killed innocent Shia but the right place for them to remain forever is HELL? Tell how many your suicides attackers who lost their lives reach heaven? Have you contact them?

If these criminal can skip from punishment from the Govt due their negligence and support the crimes specially Shia-e-Ali tell you have courage to skip from God punishment or runaway from Death Angle?

Strong condemn to all responsible those who knew who is killer of SHAHEED ASKARI Raza after passing ( 40 days ) Chelum on 18th Feb, 2012 Govt failed to punished the real culprits. Even in FIR the names of culprits clearly mentioned still no arrest in this regard. Which indicates that Pakistan is heaven for terrorist’s activities that reason not a single terrorist’s killer of innocent Shia yet punished?

How long blind support, shelter and after arrest no punishment will continue with the banned SSP ( Sipa-e-Sahab ) but other hand LEA eager to send behind the bar when Shia peaceful protestors demanding the justice & arrest of killers? Which type of law introduces and practice in Pakistan?

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )