A valuable quote of “Imam Hazrat ALI A.S”

I want to share my knowledge with all human beings even belong to Muslims Believers any act or Non-Believers ( Kafir )

As our first Imam Hazrat Imam ALI A. S. quoted “ Wealth reaches both believers and un-believers ( Kafir ) while KNOWLEDGE is reserved only for those who are worthy of it”

Importance of acquiring knowledge is importance aspect in the eyes of Islam and early in 14th Century the quote become famous “ Insist Muslims for going to China for acquiring education”

I do not understand than why Al-Qaeda or Talban activities always eager to blown the school or college in Baluchistan or NWFP. On which advice or instruction you people working against the ISLAMIC teachings.

I must say Talban people are 8th wonder of the world? Never follow Islam as religion and whom Talban learned to die by suicide attacks and Islam openly condemn and dis-appoint when a brain wash people joined Talban and die by suicide which is Harram ( ill – legal ) death?

In last I must right to say regarding Talban people which Islam you follow but only learn & remain eager to damage Pakistani common Muslims image in WEST countries but the real culprits are ( Talban ) always ignored by Govt of Pakistan?

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )