Iqrar-ul-hassanís son Pehlaj Hassan is already a celebrity even though he has not formally entered the worked of entertainment. Pehlaj has been seen on television from the time when he was only 3. His first appearance on television in Iqrarís show won the heart of many. This boy isnít just one of the cutest celebrity kids but he is also full of confidence. Pehlaj has appeared in many interviews too with his parents and he has always been witty and smart.

Pehlaj will be making his acting debut soon with the much anticipated drama serial alif. This drama has been written by the very talented Umera Ahmed, it has been directed by the iconic director Haseeb Hassan and it has a star cast playing different roles. According to sources Pehlaj will be playing Hamza Ali Abbasiís roleís childhood character. Hamza Ali Abbasi will be playing the role of Qalb-e-Momin in the drama. Hamza Ali Abbasi is really choosy about the projects he works in and have a massive fan following. The director Haseeb Hassan recently directed the film Parwaz Hei Junoon.