Lahore - The infamous vigilante morning show host, Maya Khan on Monday claimed in a talk show on Express News channel that all the subjects of the show in question where she raided a park with her team in her attempt at moral policing were ‘paid actors’.
It is pertinent to mention that Maya Khan was fired from her company after hosting a highly controversial television show where she raided a public park to catch ‘dating couples’ unaware and question them over immoral practices.
The programme sparked strong condemnation from various quarters, and several petitions were filed against the company seeking strong action against the controversial morning show host and an unconditional apology.
The new twist in the tale brings up some serious questions with regards to the extent the media has a right to infringe on the privacy of others.
Reality shows in other countries, including neighbouring India, have gained much currency, jacking up the ratings of the respective shows. However, it also highlights some serious concerns.
Saad Khan, a student of Punjab University said, “This is a serious case of deception. It is not for the media to invade the privacy of the people, and even if they didn’t it resulted in spreading panic among the masses.”
Yasmin Wahab, a teacher at a private institution said, “Media should ensure that there are strict guidelines on how to conduct television shows. By not doing so, it is not only compromising the integrity of an institution but also casts doubts over the truth behind their stories and reports.”