NEW DELHI - The Indian military is all set to carry out its largest war games, involving 20,000 troops in Rajasthan, close to Pakistani borders.
The manoeuvres, named Shoorveer or Brave Warrior, will also involve 200 Russian-made tanks and take place next month, army spokesman Colonel Jagdeep Dahiya told reporters.
“The exercise will be one of the largest manoeuvres conducted so far,” he said, adding that latest warplanes would be factored into the drills, which are scheduled to end in May.
In a separate statement the military said tanks, frontline combat vehicles, artillery, helicopters, fighter jets, drones, air-defence weapons and military radars would be part of the exercise, which would be held in the deserts of Bikaner and Shri Ganganagar districts in Rajasthan.
Dahiya dismissed fears the exercise – to be conducted by an elite military corps raised only for cross-border assault – would crank up tensions between New Delhi and Islamabad.
“We do inform Pakistan in advance whenever such large-scale exercises are conducted by us,” the army colonel added.