ISLAMABAD - Barrister Aitzaz Ahsen on Thursday said the Senate ticket awarded to him was not his fee for contesting the contempt case against the prime minister.
Talking to reporters at the Supreme Court building after adjournment of contempt proceedings, he said he was hopeful of getting his client discharged and acquitted from the contempt of court charges. He said those who were hoping that the prime minister would be handcuffed today (Tuesday) were disappointed, as all decisions were taken in by court per law and the constitution.
Aitzaz said he had prayed the court to summon all three witnesses, including former law minister Dr Babar Awn, law secretary Masood Chishti and Cabinet Secretary Nargis Sethi, who had signed the summaries for not writing a letter to foreign countries for reopening cases against President Asif Ali Zardari.
He said he wanted to bring all documentary evidence on the record. The senior lawyer said the Supreme Court had allowed him to summon PMs former principal secretary Nargis Sethi as witness and also cross-examine her.
He said according to his sources, Babar Awan and Masood Chishti had refused to appear as witnesses, however, if documents presented before the court proved correct, there would be no need of Awan and Chishti to appear as witness.