Oppose price hike in petroleum & electricity rates which IRK consumers plus destroying local industry

When heard news the Govt still want to increase the prices of PETROLEUM and Electricity rates in Karachi which totally IRK all consumers AND specially business community FACE more and more problem. Due to inflation, lack of law & order situation, high crime rates, lack of business opportunities, lack of employment opportunities those who are running their business face very difficult to survive. If Govt wish to increase prices further of PETROLEUM and Electricity rates is totally in justice and un-fair with the common people.

Perhaps no change in the luxury life of our politician or leaders, always think for more and more comfort life, plus how to extract NATION wealth OR SUCK poor people, business community blood and extract money in the name of specially price hike which is the only weapon our corrupt and dis-honest leaders learnt to use.

The price hike in electricity by 39% NAPER is destroying the Pakistani local industry and working to give desert look of our ever green industry, more people will sacked which leads more un-employment and this way crime rates in the country will always high?

I must say as common people hardly to manage his budget if our selfish Govt still eager to raise prices of petroleum and electricity rates which is not fair and all concern who are responsible are accountable to God for miss using authority or give nation more worries and pain in the name of price HIKE, which lead to inflation all ways?

Still our country facing full swing crisis internal and external which our Govt failed to overcome and give the nation a true welfare state, but I must say our leaders always worried for own security and keep a very tight security protocol when they are moving but never protect a common man life’s, More interesting to share in Pakistan not a SINGLE target killers yet punished or hanged even a bundle of evidence are lying and his death mercy rejected by the High or Supreme Court but still these criminal target killers not hanged? Why showing mercy or sympathy with the TARGET killers for any special reason or have pressure do not punished the TARGET Killers even our LEA’s caught that reasons I must say PAKISTAN is heaven for target killers?

Why leading trade bodies & association like KCCI ( Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry ), LCCI ( Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry ) ICCI ( International Chamber of Commerce & Industry ), FPCCI ( Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry ) & SITE ( Sind Industrial Trading Estate ) silence and do not registered any protest or complain against recent price hike in electricity and petroleum which indicates they are satisfied with this increase or no strength or power to registered a protest?

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )