WHY ADOPT cheating & telling LIES practice for more WEALTH?

Majority from us no doubt followers from Non-Believers or Muslim Believers adopt a wrong practice for telling LIES and CHEATING when doing some negation or dealing with fresh clients in a fear if tell truth than clients perhaps do not buy or go to other source?

God has fixed every human beings what he will earn during his life time, but his entire duty and responsibility what path or practice to adopt for earning wealth, Specially in Pakistan peoples do not care if they are using wrong way or going against the Islamic teaching for earning wealth but the big question is wealth should be comes by any means UN-STOP.

Those who canít sale or make a deal without cheating or support of telling lieís are shameless person, they knew what they are selling and what is the worth / price, what we are getting from clients? Which convey a silent message that their products have no attractive or value ( good will ) that reasons canít sale without telling lies or cheating the innocent customers.

No doubt any traders or businessman can make a successful deal with the support of telling lies or cheating but in future the caution buyers never knock your door or come to again for any future requirement or enquire? Which means you lost the clients after making a single sale and lost your business entire image which he communicates to others, these people also fear or afraid to make any deal due to past experience.

The secret of successful businessman telling truth and give services after the sales no matter who is your clients, give all clients UNIFORM way treatment when they have lodge complains, which give you 2 types of benefits.

1. Trust in your business and never goes to other source even you are charging little more
2. Convey message among friends circle and relative if you need certain product than consider ABC Traders for better products and after sales attending complain without giving second reminder.

If any traders or businessman tell lieís than he has to tell many lies and more interesting he did not knew what lieís he said to whom? But if he works total opposite directions and pledge to do business by telling TRUTH than he has to tell truth only once time?

At last no billionaire businessman carry his entire wealth, property, bank balance when he dies ( goes along with him ) which remain with his family members, Perhaps if his relative or family members uses his wealth in SIN than the concern ( relative is doing sin and punishable but the Billionaire Businessman is also registered in the same SIN )

The reasons behind which any Billionaire businessman after dead his sin accounts active because the wealth and property which he left after his death is using by their relative in sin, if uses in good deeds than he gets REWARDS?

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )