ISLAMABAD: President Asif Ali Zardari has recommended that general elections be held in March 2013.

A meeting of coalition partners was held at the Presidency on Tuesday.

During the meeting, coalition partners stated that the government should be given credit for completing its tenure and supported the recommendation of the President.

President Zardari said that a person of Baloch ethnicity should be appointed as the Deputy Chairman of the Senate.

Coalition parties lobbied for the post of Deputy Chairman during the meeting.

According to sources, ANP said they had 12 seats in the Senate which is why the post of Deputy Chairman should be given to Daud Khan Achakzai. Representative from FATA said they had 8 Senators, thus the post should be theirs.

The MQM claimed that Babar Khan Ghauri was Baloch, but this was disputed by the ANP. PML-Q also put forward the name of two of their Baloch Senators.

Munir Orakzai from FATA suggested that the post should be given to the PPP because coalition partners could not agree on who should be appointed.

Coaltion partners decided that the decision would be made by President Zardari.