DALLAS: President of Pakistan Tahreek e Insaaf (PTI) women wing Fauzia Kasuri has said that PTI's doors are open for anyone and this door cannot be shut, however added that party tickets for elections will be given to only those who are with clean record.

She was addressing at a reception hosted at the residence of Dr. Mohammad Tariq. Fauzia Kasuri claimed that even opponents of his party recognize that Imran Khan's past record is very clean. People have utmost trust on Imran Khan, where he was given millions of dollars for charitable purposes of establishing hospitals and educational institutions.

He has used the money in pure and clean way, therefore people should have confidence on us that we will be an honest and clean if we are given a chance to run Government as Imran Khan is our captain.

Upon expression of extreme reservations over induction of politicians in PTI, Fauzia Kasur reiterated the promise that only people with clean past will get party election tickets. She said that PTI is a political party and we cannot shut the door on anyone willing to join us.

While informing attendees on voting rights for oversees Pakistanis, she expressed her optimism claiming 90pc of oversees Pakistanis will vote for PTI in next election.

Ms Fauzia Kasuri claimed that Imran Khan was given two million dollars only in two days fundraiser for flood victims in Pakistan, while government fund raiser could not collect more than 20 thousand dollars.

She claimed that this is a reflection of peoples trust on Imran Khan and he will not betray their trust.

She asked PTI workers to prepare for elections and help the party with money and activism. The President of Dallas women wing Nayyara Syed, PTI leaders Dr. Nasrullah Khan, Salman Abidi, Dr. Jaleel Khan and a number of Dallas political activist attended the reception.