I saw many Muslim believers when entire in Mosque for NAMAZ ( Prayers ) do not switch off his cell or make it silent. When someone give call or SMS that time disturb other believers worship and divert their attention.

My humble request for all Muslims brother & sisters if you entire any mosque remember to make your cell silent or switch off in order to care other believers worship and his attention never divert to your cell phone ring?

But still a few un-educated & foolish people in a habit never silent or switch off their cell are the VERY IMPORT PERSON these people knowing they are going for namaz and 10 to 20 minutes they can afford to silent or switch off their cell?

Special care to be made when you entire the Holy city of Macca and Madina ( Saudi Arab) Qum, Tehran and Mashad ( Iran ) Damacuss ( Syria ) Karabala, Najaf, and Kazmain (Iraq) do not forget to switch your cell silent or switch off first and than entire in these places mosques.

If anyone can follow my request than I think that my efforts help to bring in change in our society which is the greatest deed and reward from God for me.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )