WHY poor patients forced to buy DRUG by own source when getting treatment in Govt Hospital?

I want to share my information to viewers why POOR patients in Karachi forced to buy DRUG from own source ( Private Medical Stores ) when getting treatment in the Govt level hospital in Karachi

1. KMC Hospital
2. Civil Hospital
3. Jinnah Hospital

The main source of corruption in Govt hospital to sale the drug which they received for the poor patient treatment to get some BLACK money?

Still the Govt authority knowing all facts but silence means have no courage to exercise power to stop this wrong practice in which common poor patient suffers but when our leaders sick or routine checkup always prefer to go abroad ( United States or United Kingdom )

Perhaps they get good treatment from the Doctors or pretty nurses cares who justify? Second important thing that they are not spending own wealth but using the national wealth for own treatment? How is justify for using national wealth ( wasting tax payers money ) for own interest is totally wrong? But the big question who will take notice and action the real culprits those who sale out medicine from Govt hospital expose it.

I request to all leaders including members of NATIONAL ASSEMBLY or Provisional Assembly or Senate Members when you sick or need to get routine checkup why you people do not go own Govt hospital, but always preferred for going abroad, what is benefit or secret behind it any one disclose to the entire nation.

Why giving punishment to poor patients and force for buying medicine when they go treatment in Govt hospital and how long BLACK money will support and help to hide your sin and save from God punishment?

Please follow the example of Dr. Adib Rizvi who is head of SIUT, KARACHI how he is sincere and devoted for poor patients and give treatment without any race or reference are the real face of God Angles in human beings, God give me a long life and keep him and his all honest, sincere staff from all worries and problems so they can do more work for poor patients.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )