LAHORE: Senator Babar Awan on Saturday in a derogatory tone said those politicians who were posing as 'good boys' had got a nice opportunity to appear before the Supreme Court, Geo News reported.

"Asghar Khan case qualifies for being treated a National Accountability Bureau (NAB) case, can't say if NAB is awake or fast asleep," Babar Awan said while talking to media men at a wedding ceremony here.

He said under section 9 and 10 of the Constitution, which deal with the misuse of power and authority, the Asghar Khan case falls in the NAB's bucket.

Awan said now those who used to advise People's Party to appear before the Supreme Court and the ones who had got the black coats ready should wear the same coats to defend themselves.

"The Asghar Khan will be decided in lives of the characters who are still alive," he believed.