According to a report published in India's 'The Times of India' quoting police sources: "Seth is a well-known bookie attached to a very big betting syndicate. He started operating out of Delhi and was on the police's radar for his alleged involvement in match-fixing but he has never been arrested".

"Seth's syndicate is operated very professionally. They are always one step ahead of the administration and they are equipped with latest gadgets and software too," the report added.

"If Seth and his group would have been targeting to fix that particular World Cup match, they would have struck the deal when the Indian team was in South Africa or the Pakistan team was touring New Zealand before the World Cup," the paper said.

"You will be surprised to know that these bookies mainly operate from countries where there is very little cricket or no cricket at all. Seth is known for his luxurious life style."

Britain's Sunday Times had reported that Indian bookmakers fixed the World Cup semifinal between Indian and Pakistan in Mohali on March 30 last year.