"A decision has been made to claim damages and go into litigation against Younis Habib," Shahbaz Sharif said while addressing a press conference here, asking Younis Habib to prepare for appearing before the court with evidence.

He said all had been well aware of the shady role of former Mehran bank chief, Younis Habib and the crimes he had been involved in.

Shahbaz maintained that attempts in vain had been made from time to time to implicate Nawaz Sharif's name in Mehran bank scam and that once again conspiracies were being hatched against the leadership of PML-N.

"Who is the one that is using the man in the wheelchair?" he questioned, adding if 'some people' think we would keep mum on the issue of National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO), it would be thier mistake.

The Punjab Chief Minister said Younis Habib altered his statement four times over the past four days. "He (Habib) gave contradicting statements in every interview," he added.

He said, in one interview, Younis Habib claimed that money was not sent directly to Shahbaz Sharif but to Asif Jamshed through Telegraphic Transfer (TT). And People's Party got Asif Jamshed appointed as Managing Director (MD) Punjab Bank despite a fraud of Rs8 million committed by him, he added.

Shahbaz said the affidavit submitted by Younis Habib to the Supreme Court did not have Nawaz Sharif's name in it.