Supreme Court of Pakistan (SC) said that NRO should be approved from the Parliament if the government feels threatened. If the government wants to save President Zardari, it should ask the apex court openly. The SC remarked it is a misfortune that elites are being benefited from last 60 years in this country.

During the hearing of NRO cases, Justice Khailur Rehman Ramday asked the government’s lawyer, “If the government is in danger then tell us we will issue stay order on it.” Replying on it, the attorney general said that the government was not endangered.

The Chief Justice remarked that judiciary, parliament and administration jointly work to save democracy and wouldn’t see who is in the Presidency as respect is given to presidents instead of individuals. He said that it was easy for the bench to end the case on first day while finding no opposition against the cases.

Justice Khalil Ramday said that it is important to get rid of corruption from society as societies only collapse when corrupt people are saved. The CJP asked the details that who ordered to halt the Swiss case and why Attorney General Malik Qayyum wrote letter to Swiss court to terminate the case.

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