Alarming situation against Shia Minority in Bahrain & UNO, Arab League Countries silent observer?

I want to share that Bahrain seek help from Saudi Arabia to crush the up-rising of Shia minority in Bahrain and afraid that same type of protest continue in Saudi Arabia but surrounding Arab countries are silence and UNO also do not take immediate notice in which many innocent Shia’s were killed those demanded political reforms. But Bahrain Govt is not sincere or showing any interest in the regard that reasons killing innocent Shia those are un-armed?

UNO silence is not hidden from any common that only shout or cry where United States interest otherwise where thousand innocents were killed and if there is benefit of USA than always remain silence and act as silent observer.

Bahrain leaders are out of control, proof MADNESS and doing their worst against Minority Shia’s which is not in-justice and more painful UNO always fight where human right violation or killing of innocents but the big question is UNO machinery works only where American interest?

In the support of Bahrain minority Shia’s thousand took participated in rally in Bagdad, Iraq and extremely condemn the crushing and killing of innocents those who are demand political reforms and fight for rights?

Protestors condemning the Saudi Arab interference in the Bahrain only job how to kill the shia’s minority which is the true face of Wahabi Muslims and blind followers of United States.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )