Rising BATHA demands, “street crimes”, POVERTY & un-employment in our country

I want to share what our Police Department doing to catch the real criminal, BATHA demands and culprits those make a profession to earn ( by ill – legal way ) by robbing, snatching and looting other valuable. That reasons BUSINESS COMMUNITY united and observed a successful peaceful strike on Saturday 17, 2012 to draw the attention of Govt those who are sleeping and do not take serious notice?

Karachi is giving more than 60% revenue to Centre if any one hold the ECONOMY WHEEL than entire country will suffer? Those elements are working against damaging our economy are more organized but our Police or Rangers hand do not reach or catch the real culprits which is the real set back.

Than what is duty remain if our Police department head claimed that the crimes are under control or reduce but the big question not a single culprits yet arrested and face the punishment but our Police famous for the followings activities

1. Never miss the opportunities to arrest the innocents, frame the false charges and when release claim a heavy bribe
2. But never courage or power to come across against the professional criminal, those posses ill-legal weapons, and earning my robbing other common people, shame on these police not fulfilling the responsibility but sheltering or protecting the criminals actives.

Due to lack of LAW & ORDER SITUTATION those who are running business are force to reduce the staff ( downsizing ) and perhaps no opportunities for new opening of jobs when company hardly faces difficulties to run than do not expect such companies need additional staff, this is the responsibility of Govt of Pakistan to take immediate notice against such culprits and criminals and avoid to making only verbal claims the reasons entire NATION become sick and tried to heard such sentences only making foolish own people.

Besides law and order situation, un-employment but POVERTY never remain behind but coming also shoulder to shoulder to crush the common man life’s, how middle class and low income people life’s become more and more difficult but our elected leaders and head of political parties not free with the blame games of bad politics and making false promises to keep alive their vote bank for next coming election.

Before you die listen my advice after you DEATH no one remembered you or even think to offer SURAH FATEH for your soul so you get some good deed and reduce your sin but NATION remembered those honest and sincere leaders who did for their nations without any difference or race? That time your entire wealth, foreign bank balance, abroad property can’t help you to get rid of a sin punishment? Before too late think serious and positive? When you’re no regret and dis-appointment safe you?

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )