Addressing a large number of party workers via telephone here at Bagh-e-Mustafa Ground on the occasion of 28th founding day of MQM, Altaf Hussain said he had been living in exile for all these years because he committed just one sin of having poor people among rich industrialists.

He said he was the only politician who refused to accept money from the intelligence agencies. Former chief of Mehran Bank, Younis Habib other central characters of Mehrangate were on record to say that I was also offered money which I turned down, he added.

He said the primitive feudal system no more exists in any other part of the world but in Pakistan. "People of Pakistan also want an end to the slavery and poor peasants should also considered human beings," he added.

He stressed that it was only through forging unity that the province of Sindh could be put on a path to progress.

Altaf Hussain announced a special fund of Rs1.5 million for journalists of Hyderabad.