USA military could HIT I R A N harder than Israel

I read news which is lesser shock but more surprise me that USA Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said US military if attack Iran than hit more harder than Israel and give more losses

Why USA military forgotten past defeat from Iran when failed to release their 54 hostage those were become hostage by Iranian students after Iran revolution in 1979. More interesting to share even USA send their trained commandos in helicopter but they began of mission one helicopter cant fly due to technical fault.

After that set back USA commandos force to take 7 helicopter in that mission but very set back again they entered Iran and more interesting Iran radar cant detect enemies but when landing on ground 2 helicopter crashed, due to the crash loud sound Iran Army awake and USA ran away with the remaining helicopter and forget the dream for releasing 54 hostages? That reason mission in-complete Jimmy Carter said God with Late Imam Khomeni that reason we face defeat.

Get released of 54 hostages on account of returning Shah Of Iran wealth depositing in USA banks which is another setback and still feel the shame of defeat that reasons USA always behind Iran and try to show them a defeat to take past revenge which is only a sweet dream not more than that.

If any country wants to die by suicide and attacking Iran are both in the same sense? I am confident that Iran not hit USA army in Middle East but always announces to destroy Israel from the Universe? If anyone has courage than make a try and later sees what happen to them or who face defeat?

InshaAllah success with Iran and always enemies of Islam and Shia always face heavy losses and never success in their dream or plan ever, that reasons followers of Shia-e-Ali spread all over the World which is giving a painful to specially enemies of Islam ( Wahabi )

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )