Yasin Malik is a leader of oppressed people of Kashmir, he does not need to ask an insignificant individual to facilitate any meeting with an ex Indian official of little significance. This allegation is not only baseless, but also a reflection of moral bankruptcy of Mansoor Ejaz.

Malik Yasin who just came out of Indian prison last night is a symbol of Kashmiri peaceful struggle against tyranny and high handedness of Indian government.

Raja Muzaffar while giving account of a meeting with Mansoor Ejaz with Malik Yasin in which he himself was present said “Our meeting with Mansoor Ejaz took place in 2001 at his apartment in his private Plaza in Manhattan NYC”.

Talking about the discussion during the meeting Raja Muzaffar said “Ejaz Mansoor was insisting and adamantly striving to seek some political role on Kashmir, asking us to provide him with some platform so that he could lobby the government of United States on behalf of JKLF and that he maintains some constituency in Kashmir."

To impress upon us, Raja Muzaffar said, Ejaz rolled out some of his photographs with Mr. Al-Gore, the US Ex. Vice President. In response to this, Yasin asked Ejaz, as to advocate the plight of Kashmiris on humanitarian ground can be a role Mr. Ejaz can play if he want to help Kashmiri cause.

"The gross violation of human rights against Kashmiri people were at its peak around those days. Off course, in the course of discussion we figured out that Mr. Ejaz was not serious about helping Kashmir cause but was boasting himself for personal benefit and he does not carry any amount of influence on US policy makers. We had more of social discussion with him not relevant with our cause as we determined what Mr. Ejaz was trying to get us into which he sensed that we are no more interested in his desire. The meeting ended up on a very inconsequential point."

He said attempting to create something out of it would be nothing but a simple distortion of the facts. "To be honest, after meeting him we were totally shocked how a person of his intellect has piled up that much of fortune. His statement with Memo commission is really unbelievable and shocking," he added.

Raja Muzaffar being a witness and a participant of the meeting expressing his disbelief said that Kashmiri struggle is a peaceful movement against oppression and injustice by Indian forces. Malik Yasin is a leader and hero of this struggle. Why Malik Yasin will request meeting with an inconsequential ex. Indian official in New York or elsewhere through an intermediary like Mansoor Ejaz, while Malik Yasin can meet Indian Prime Minister right there in Delhi in broad day light if he wishes to.

Raja Muzaffar said: "I condemn Mansoor Ejaz's false allegations against Malik Yasin in strongest terms on behalf of all Kashmiris throughout the world."