Imran Khan made a formal announcement of making Javed Hashmi President of PTI during a press conference in Lahore. He said that PTI's Central Executive Committee made this decision.

On the occasion, Nawabzada Mansoor Ali Khan also announced to join PTI after disbanding Nawabzada Nasrullah's Pakistan Democratic Party.

On the issue of taking extortion money in Karachi, the PTI Chairman said the city was facing destruction and that anyone who stands against extortion must be supported.

He said if it was to be believed that the 'Tsunami' had gathered momentum because of former ISI Chief Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Ahmed Shuja Pasha, then it should have lost all its force now. "It has now become clear as to which party the ISI extended its help to; it was PML-N (Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz)," he maintained.

He said he would quit politics if anyone could prove he had taken even a single penny (from an intelligence agency).

In a derogatory remark, Imran Khan said it was the 'achievements' of People's Party that helped trigger the PTI's Tsunami.

He said the people had a right to know about the politicians who had been doing politics with their tax money.

Imran Khan disclosed that ISI had also played a role in the general elections of 2002 and that 'we had also received an offer of gifts' on that occasion.

He called Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman 'the biggest hypocrite'.

Imran Khan reiterated his party's stance on Nato supplies, saying the supply line must not be restored.