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Thread: Point Blank – 15th December 2009

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    Point Blank – 15th December 2009

    Ch. Pervaiz Elahi in fresh episode of Point Blank & discusses current issues with Mubashir Luqman.



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    Re: Point Blank – 15th December 2009

    Mubasher Luqman Bhai!
    Your today's episode isn't able to watch because of your froud guest.
    I do belong to Gujranwala city Punjab and really so wonder I'm to listen him whatever he said.
    Who don't know the dirty history of these Gujrati ch brotheran (dakait, ghunday, lutairay, zalam, budmuash rasa geer and naibzaday).
    He is saying to you that Punjab was same as switzerland on his time, you also know what was the situation was but I neverever vote to them.
    Pervez Ilahi distroy Punjab and Shujat distroid capital. Actually they are regratting that why don't have chance of corrution because they only do base on corruption.
    Infact they are the responseble of black law of nro in Great Pakistan because of their selfishness but here I give you congratulation that Supreme Court rejected black law nro.
    Long Long Live Great Pakistan.


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