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Thread: SC declares NRO as void ab-initio

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    SC declares NRO as void ab-initio

    Supreme Court of Pakistan’s 17 member larger bench headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry unanimously declared National Reconciliation Ordinance as void ab-initio because it contradicts the constitution of Pakistan and interests of the country, reported Dunya News on Wednesday.

    According to the short verdict of the SC announced after more than five hours delay, all the cases abolished under the infamous ordinance will go back to the status of October 4, 2007. Supreme Court in its decision said that only reconciliatory document is 1973 constitution. NRO was not tabled in the parliament, therefore, the decision is given after assessment of the present circumstances.

    Dunya News


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    Supreme Court strikes down NRO

    The Supreme Court of Pakistan has struck down the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO), saying it is unconstitutional.

    A 17-member bench, headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, in his short order, declared the ordinance as unconstitutional and illegal.

    According to the judgment, the NRO is contrary to the equality guaranteed by the 1973 Constitution of Pakistan. Similarly, all the cases, disposed off because of the controversial ordinance, now stand revived as of Oct 5, 2007 position, said the judgment.

    In addition, the court has ordered the government that it should immediately reopen the Swiss cases concerning President Asif Ali Zardari.

    Earlier, during hearing of petitions against the NRO, the chief justice said even parliament has no right to change the basic structure of the constitution.

    “In accordance to oath, we are committed to safeguard the constitution,” he remarked.

    Earlier, the chief justice has warned the NAB Chairman Naveed Ahsan about a stern action if something false detected in the list. He ordered the NAB Chairman to sign the list if it was correct. On the court’s order, he signed the list.

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    Re: SC declares NRO as void ab-initio

    Justice is served. now these corrupt politicans should resign and clear them from court.

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