Mar 24, 2012

Customer Care Service

Sub : not understand what reasons un-desire package activated by U-fone but HONEST SPEAKING customers NEVER knew about that who is cheating and why consumers suffer?

Dear Sir

My wife complain why my credit balance always empty without making any longer duration calls but now U-fone ( shameless people ) informed which I totally dis-agree and asked to submit the history of all packages which U-fone deducted amount in which no interest from our side ONLY U-fone adopt cheating and making foolish to consumers?

Services/Facility Service Charges
(tax exclusive) Un-subscription Procedure

Double Number Rs. 7 per week Write “unsub” & send SMS to 660 for Rs. 7 + tax

Missed Call Notification (MCN) 83 paisa per day Write “unsub” & send SMS to 180 for 01 paisa + tax

UTunes Re. 1 per day Write “unsub” & send SMS to 666 for Rs. 5 + tax

No caption package my wife ever activated or request? Why PTA always remain silent as observer or showing no courage to asked question from U-fone cheating cell phone in Pakistan with whom permission you have activated and now returned all charged amount in favor of cross check ( Ashfaq Sharif ) otherwise my protest will continue and spread as I can so you people get more and more publicity?

U-fone remembered always own interest to send SMS which their interest falls.

1. Asking to get loan advance balance of Rs.10 ( I hate this message )
2. Promoting U-fone same remarks
3. Interest to promote sales

But perhaps feel PAIN or problem when come a cross a written complain but never courage to talk with the customers?

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )